Stained Glass Look That’s Easy Using Inexpensive Materials

Recently I was not feeling good and my son was getting restless. When BoogerFace becomes restless, he becomes very, very persistent about having me do stuff for him. But I wasn’t feeling well, so I looked through my Pinterest board for an activity that he could do without a lot of help from me.

What I found was a brilliant idea that I had completely forgotten about pinning.

Sharpie Art-Featuring Stained “Glass”

Sharpie Stained Glass

This was made by a ten-year old girl named Sophie. She has amazing talent.

We decided to make a similar project.

The only materials need were Sharpies and wax paper. Lay the paper out flat and go to town!

It turned out pretty good. It kept my son busy for almost an hour because he was so interested in this project. He was so proud of it that he ended up giving it to his new teacher as a beginning of the year present.

Looking around I have found other examples of sharpie stained glass art. They have been done on pretty much any type of clear material that can hang from a window, such as laminate paper, a clear shower curtain, and on the glass of a picture frame with no backing to let the sun through.


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Glittered Ombre Seashell Ornaments!

Ombre Flittered Seashell OrnamentsOne of the most popular trends now-a-days is the use of ombre blending in the use of crafts, painting, or decor. As beautiful as it can come out, it is certainly easy to understand jumping on the band wagon!

Booger Face has a thing for seashells. Booger Face also loves glitter (although he doesn’t like to admit it). I recently can upon a craft idea that includes all of these things! Which definitely peeked my interest.

Here are a list of instructions for Ombre Glittered Seashell Ornaments, from the Martha Stewart website.

The best thing about crafts like this is that it requires very little prep and very little cost! I hate spending money on things that I want to use in a craft, so I’m always in search of crafts that can be created with materials I have on hand.

Seashells of course are the main ingredient. Check, I brought some of those back from the last trip to the beach.

Glue. Check!

Glitter. Check!

She lists some other things in there, but really that’s self explanatory. No need, Martha!

Some of the seashells that I had brought home already had the hole in them, should I choose to make them hanging and not just beautiful baskets decor. So really, I glossed over the other materials she stated….

She says to use baking cups to mix the glitter, but shoot… muffin cups are more likely to be found in my home!

Take at least two colors and gradually blend different amounts of the colors together to create a smooth blend from one extreme to the other.

Brush on some glue to your shells and start to sprinkling with a spoon. This is where the kid comes in. Wow, do kids love glue and glitter! Since you are using the unsteady hands of a young child, you may want to cover the shell you want a different shade with a piece of paper, gradually moving it down with each shade added.

Honestly, even if it doesn’t turn out “ombre”, instead a hot mess of clumped glitter on a shell, it will still be loads of fun for your child! And if you do choose to turn these into ornaments, why not give them to loved ones as gifts? I know that my mom would love to get one of these bad boys from my son!