Stained Glass Look That’s Easy Using Inexpensive Materials

Recently I was not feeling good and my son was getting restless. When BoogerFace becomes restless, he becomes very, very persistent about having me do stuff for him. But I wasn’t feeling well, so I looked through my Pinterest board for an activity that he could do without a lot of help from me.

What I found was a brilliant idea that I had completely forgotten about pinning.

Sharpie Art-Featuring Stained “Glass”

Sharpie Stained Glass

This was made by a ten-year old girl named Sophie. She has amazing talent.

We decided to make a similar project.

The only materials need were Sharpies and wax paper. Lay the paper out flat and go to town!

It turned out pretty good. It kept my son busy for almost an hour because he was so interested in this project. He was so proud of it that he ended up giving it to his new teacher as a beginning of the year present.

Looking around I have found other examples of sharpie stained glass art. They have been done on pretty much any type of clear material that can hang from a window, such as laminate paper, a clear shower curtain, and on the glass of a picture frame with no backing to let the sun through.


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