10 Unique Ways to Tell a Bedtime Story

Witch Bedtime StoriesDoes your child like for you to tell them bedtime stories? Are you tired of that book they have made you read a billion and one times?

It may seem a bit intimidating, but a great option is to try your hand at making up your own bedtime stories. You don’t have to be an amazing story teller. Just have fun!\

Here are 10 unique ways to tell a bedtime story:

1. Start with an intro and work your way from there.

“Once upon a time you learned how to fly. You flew over the town and saw….”

“If I had a million dollars I would buy you… and we would go….”

“One time we were stuck in the ocean and our boat was leaking. We swam to the shore of this island and…”

2, Tell a story about a superhero with the same name as your child, or a story where everyone in the world has the same name

3. Tell your child a story about your own childhood, how you met your spouse, or about a great grandparent they never met.

4. Make a story box.

Inside the story box there are words, including interesting characters or places. Everytime that you get stuck in the story you pull out a word and you have to add that new character to your story or they have to travel to that new place.

5. … and then something happened.

If you’re a horrible story teller that tends to get stuck a lot, add a bunch of action. Kids will never know or care about the difference and it will probably turn out to be great fun.

“… and then the dragon showed up…”

“… the bear was hiding under the staircase…”

“… the lion began to dance with Sally Sue…”

It can be as crazy or wild as you want. This type of story does not have to make much sense for it to be enjoyable.

6. Retell a story

You know what stories you child likes, or you may have one in mind from your own childhood. Tell the same story, but change the names, places, or things that happened. Even a little change can make it a whole different story. Or better yet, add a twist and a completely new ending.

7. Make up a story together

Pick out a picture from a magazine or from the web. You and your little one take turns talking about who this person is and what happens to them next. Make up a back story for this person, have them fall in love, or go on an adventure, or go home to ride her yard full of unicorns.

8. Talk about what interests them, like trucks, animals, pirates, etc.

9. Make their fantasy a reality

Most kids dream of being something… make that happen for them in their story, If you have a girl that wants to be Cinderella, make her Cinderella. If you have a little boy that wants to be some weird pokemon master… by golly, let him be a pokemon master.

10. Add special effects

Act it out! Turn off the lights and turn the flashlight on for an extra effect. Use funny voices with different characters. Make it fun and entertaining and they won’t care too much what you’re talking about…


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