1st Grade Has Arrived! And So Has the Bus!

It’s hard to believe that Booger Face has reached 1st grade already. Just last year he was starting Kindergarten and I was crying as he walked away from me into his classroom for the first time.

Okay, so I didn’t really cry, but there was a definite sting going on.

Anyways… 1st grade starts tomorrow. I look back from last year to this year and scoff. Last year I was a nervous wreck and didn’t want to let him go when it was time to.

This year…. I can’t wait!

Now, now, I don’t mean it like that. I love spending time with my child. But, in all honesty, he’s tired of spending time with me! He’s ready to go back and see all of his friends, and play pokemon, and make fart jokes. I guess I’m not as fun as they are.

Which is fine… I’m fine… not going to cry….

I’m not crying. There’s something in my eye.


Anyways, tonight we went over the school bus safety rules, since I’m the little worry wart.

I’m always worried that the bus is not going to stop in time. Or another car won’t stop when they’re supposed to. Or he’ll trip in the road. Or a drunk driver passes the stopped school bus.

In any case, I like for my Booger Face to be prepared when he’s getting on that bus in the mornings.

I wanted to share my tips for getting on the bus safely. Please comment if you have more tips to share!

So here’s how we do it:

1. Wait inside the glass front door and watch.

I have a rule that he is not supposed to wait on the front porch for a couple of different reasons. #1, he likes to draw on the dew-covered windows and leave fingerprints. And, #2, if he waits on the front porch he will run out to the bus when it comes, without telling me first. My worried self thinks he’ll jump into the road or something. A silly but effective paranoia.

2. When the bus comes, walk to the driveway and wait behind daddy’s car until the bus has come to a complete stop.

The bad thing is, if we don’t cover this step with him, just about everyday, he will walk to the end on the driveway and wait 1 foot off of the side of the road.

3. Look both ways.

In my local area there have been several cases of kids being hit and run by cars this past year while getting on the bus. I try to teach him that he has to watch out for other people that don’t want to follow the rules of the stop sign on the bus.

4. Sit properly

Although I have no way of knowing if he follows this rule, I still tell him to sit where he is supposed to and stay quiet and respectful for the bus driver.

Writing out this list makes me feel way less worried about that ride to school my son takes every morning.

He loves it, he loves school, and he’s a pretty good boy. I’m a proud momma!


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