The Lemonade Stand Cherade

Lemonade StandHave you ever seen those cute kids on television that have set up lemonade stands in their front yard to sell the cool beverage to passersby on a hot summer day? Or better yet, in real life?

Those darn cartoons I’m sure are to blame, but for some reason BoogerFace has been begging and pleading for us to build a lemonade stand so that he can “make dollars.”

How sweet it is to think of my cute little man selling his wares to the few people nice enough to stop and give him the joy of selling his own creations. A few things had me concerned about the whole thing though.

We live in the country. The speed limit is 55 mph going down our road that does not stay very busy. It’s hard to imagine that a random person driving by at 55 is going to slam on breaks at the site of a glass of cool lemonade made by a 6-year old. Let’s be honest… McDonald’s is 3 miles away. And they have that awesome lemonade strawberry slushy thing.

Another thing to consider… it’s 70 degrees outside. It’s more probable that someone would slam on their brakes if they were dying of thirst and it was 95 out. And they had somehow missed the gas stations and fast food businesses just down the road.

That leaves the couple of neighbors that might feel sympathetic for the sweet little enthusiastic younging impatiently awaiting his first customer.

Yeah… so…

Idea!!! How would I go about getting lots of customers to come out of their way to get a glass of freshly squeezed lemonade from my easily discouraged hyperactive child?

A yard sale, of course!

It doesn’t matter if you live way out of town, if you have a yard sale in my area, they will come. Especially with the right Craig’s List ad and brightly colored yard sale posters posted on the stop signs. Yes, they will come.

And when they arrive at this yard sale, they will have cash. Most people don’t carry around cash anymore when they can simply whip out their credit card. But when you go to a yard sale, you have to come prepared. People don’t take credit, debit, or checks at these things. You need the green stuff.

They will arrive in my yard to peruse through my unwanted belongings and they will be hot and thirsty from the walking and crazy shopping. Then, they notice this little boy sitting at a table selling glasses of lemonade and homemade cookies. They can see the excitement in his eyes and the expectant smile on his face. And they will give in.

Well, at least that is my hope.

Because I have a boy that is crazy right now to make some moolah at his own little lemonade stand. And, by golly, maybe it will teach him some work ethic 🙂


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