Glow Stick “Easter Egg” Hunt

Glow Sticks

In continuance with the glow stick fun that we’ve been having, I came up with a creative twist to the classical Easter egg hunt.

Glow sticks can be found at most dollar stores or bulk online at retailers, such as Amazon. Gather as many as you would like, but I think between 5-10 would be perfect.

One person goes into a room and shuts the door while the other person hides all of the glow sticks. Turn off all the lights and choose the hiding spots for your sticks. The neat thing about this activity is that it can be tailored to suit younger ages as well. You can make this game easy by placing them on top of furniture or out in the open. The child will see the glow and easily locate all of the sticks. Make it harder by hiding them under blankets, rugs, or chairs.

This game almost reminds me of an Easter egg hunt… but with glow sticks in the dark. And since most kids love egg hunts, they will probably like this little twist on it as well.

Have fun hiding!


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