The Water War Continues

Remember me writing about the water fights that are constantly going on in my house? Well, apparently the stakes have been raised… to ice…

I’m sitting in bed surfing the net and watching reruns of The Big Bang Theory, when the house starts shaking with the stampeding of Mr. Gameboy’s feet. Oh, no, he’s retreating from some form of attack on BoogerFace.

He runs into the bedroom and slams the door, locking in. He’s panting, grinning, and giggling… this can’t be good.

“Whatcha doing?” I ask him casually.

“Haha, I got him. I poured a cup of ice and water over his head in the bathtub!”

I shake my head, “Mean daddy!”

Fastforward 30 minutes… BoogerFace is in his pajamas, ready for bedtime. Mr. Gameboy is in the shower. Payback time.

“Ok, Booger, let’s pour some ice on daddy!”

BoogerFace laughs in excitement and we race to the kitchen to prepare for invasion. He grabs a cup, but I have bigger ideas for the mean daddy.

I find an empty gallon bucket and dump a bunch of ice in it, followed by water. BoogerFace is in shock, but soon joins in the scheme.

On second thought, one bucket is not enough… Mr. Gameboy needs some serious payback for picking on my sweet little baby. He will be sorry…

After filling the second bucket, we head into the steamy bathroom, and pull up the step ladder, blocking the shower door from being opened.

Mr. Gameboy hears us, and laughs, fully expecting a cup of ice to the face.

Imagine his squeal when he sees a BUCKET of ice cold water being tossed over the shower stall…

And the bellow of outrage of a second bucket being poured over his head…

Yes, revenge is sweet, sweet, sweet.

And, so, the water war continues.

I hope I can remember to lock the bathroom door from now on…


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