Melted Crayon Art

Have you seen the melted crayon art that has become so popular this year? I’ve noticed and became envious of all of the beautiful canvas art that was being produced. I had to do it.

You need:

A hot glue gun

A whole bunch of crayons

A hair dryer (or heat gun)

Canvas (I used poster board… cause I’m cheap)

Although this activity was not the most kid-friendly activity, I still had the help of my little mischief maker. He got to pick out all of the colors and match them up according to shade. I hot glued them to the poster board, set it up on some plastic underneath, and got to blow drying. He helped me a little bit… by “helped” I mean he kept interrupting and asking questions… which would have been fine, except for the loud blow dryer.

This project took forever it seemed… probably over an hour of constant heat application from the blow dryer. It was messy and although I used plastic around the piece, there was still a splatter that got on the wall…

I love it!


But I’m never doing that again!


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