“Jacob’s Dad Caught Him a Snake…”

Boys, boys, boys. How gross they can be.

“I want daddy to catch me a snake.”


“Jacob’s dad caught him a snake. Daddy can catch me one.”


“But, Jacob…”


“Aww, can you ask daddy to catch me one? Pppllleeeaaassseee?”

“Your daddy would be more likely to kill it than pick it up so you can pet it.”


Cue the whining….

Image credited to MorgueFiles.com

Image credited to MorgueFiles.com

Let’s just say, we live on the edge of some woods on one side… and a corn field on the other. Snakes are abundant. But, seriously, I’m not going to have one as a pet. My silly little boy.

Then, he caught a frog. I can deal with that. Except he wanted to keep it. As much as frogs are not my friends, I did not want to make it suffer. It would’ve been dead within a day, knowing how my son is with taking care of things.

Cue the whining…

The time daddy brought home a lizard he found near work and we had to let it go…

Cue the whining…

How about a new stuffed animal? I’d be cool with that. Even one of those cool HexBugs (robot bugs that shoot across the floor). I’d totally buy one of those. In fact, I did, thinking that I was brilliant. I was totally the coolest mom ever. Right? Nope, wrong. It’s sitting at the bottom of his toybox right now.

*Sigh* boys will be boys. Smelly and weird.


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