Eyedropper Volcanoes

Science experiments can be loads of fun for children, as well as educational. I’ve been wanting to do a volcano with my son for a while now. He’s 6 and like to see things “explode.” However, I was not exactly ready to put in all the time and effort of making a full-blown volcano model… what can I say–I’m lazy er, I like to be efficient with my time. So I put it on the back burner and didn’t put it into action quite yet. I knew we would do it one day, just not today.

And then, a genius post on Preschool Playbook–eyedropper volcanoes!


Click on photo to go to Preschool Playbook


Using a pile of baking soda and a cup of vinegar (dyed with food color), they made volcanoes using eyedroppers. Watch the kid’s amazement as a drop of liquid turns to a bubbling acid when it hits the white powder. Such a great experiment to learn about chemical reactions. And very little set-up involved, which I love!

My child, however amazed he was, got over it in about 5 minutes flat. I think a younger child may have enjoyed it for longer than he did.

And so, the volcano model is still in the back of my mind as the ultimate mind-blowing experiment.



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