Don’t Pee in the Water!


When you were a kid, did you pee in the water? In the pool or the bathtub? I know I did *shame*. And I knew my son would too.

And he did.

At bath time, I would tell him, “Use the potty.” And he would say he didn’t have to go. But, as soon as he got in he would shoot a stream up into the air… and I would chastise him. And he would laugh… because boys are gross and like farts.

One night, we were repeating this urination charade. He went out of his way to arch up and make sure I saw the stream of yellow go in the air, laughing hysterically with his mouth open. Suddenly the laughing turned into horrified screaming! I reached down to comfort him and watched as his batted at his tongue with his hand, like he was trying to get a bad taste out of his mouth.

What happened? You guessed it.

He peed into his own mouth.

And then it was my turn to hysterically laugh… I laughed so hard I cried. My sides hurt from the chuckles. I just couldn’t stop heckling… which got me the stink eye from a very upset little boy.

He never peed in the bath tub again.


One thought on “Don’t Pee in the Water!

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