Ceiling Fan Tornado

Have you ever made a bottled tornado? Kids usually like learning about weather and it can be a great visual experimentation for them. A few weeks ago I saw a spin-off of this idea–a ceiling fan tornado. My heart rate spiked. I had streamers, I had a ceiling fan, and I had a crazy child.


This was my calling… this is why I became a mother… to make kids squeal with excitement. I bravely stood on a chair, despite my fear of heights, and taped those streamers to that fan. Then I placed one crazy child underneath and turned the fan on medium.

This is what happened:


Cue the squeals of delight as a whirlwind enveloped his little frame.

A complete success. As his joy increased to maximum he decided that he wanted even more. “Turn it up!” So, up to high it went…


Successful and fun experiment.



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