Shaving Cream Slip ‘n Slide

You know how kids love slip ‘n slides? They get to combine the love of water with the love of sliding. What could make it any better? How about some shaving cream?!?

I saw this post on Play Create Explore, and I knew that I had to try it. When I told my son about it he got so excited that I could hardly contain him… and nothing is better for a parent than a kid’s excitement over a new idea. Boys love making messes… I mean seriously… you should see my son eat a piece of cake

The idea of watching him slide around, covered in shaving cream was something that I had to smile about. I took a plastic table cloth, laid it out, and got a good layer of shaving cream all over… the more the better.

And this is what happened…






He had a freaking blast! This kept his attention for a good 30 minutes, which is a WIN in my book. He had fun smearing it around all over his body, sliding through the cream, and just making himself  “messy.” Really, it was not that messy. I took the water hose and sprayed him down afterwards and he was not dirty at all… in fact, he smelled awesome!

The only bad part was when he stole the water hose and got me… while fully clothed… Boys will be boys!


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