Hello World!

You know those people who said that they would never have kids? Yeah, I was one of those people. And then it all changed when I had my son. He’s 6 years old and very rambunctious! And I love every minute of it. Well, at least when he’s not bored… because then bad stuff happens…

I’m constantly online looking for things that we can do together or things that will keep his attention for more than a few minutes at a time. That’s why I decided to create a blog… to share my findings with others and to record great (or not so great) experiences with my son.

One thing that I have learned about my boy, and boys in general, is that the crazier and grosser something is, the more they want to do it. What I have to do is make sure he doesn’t pick up the snake that he found in the yard. And stop him from shooting me with the water gun while I’m fully clothed. And keep him from peeing in his own mouth.

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Yes, a life with a boy can definitely get interesting… very interesting.


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